We have a wide range of products for polishing and brightening all types of materials. The definitive elimination of scratches and marks, the application of a high quality shine on any type of surface and material, is possible thanks to our extensive range of high quality products.

Discos de cuerda de sisal con y sin impregnación

Sisal wheels with and without impregnation

Manufactured with sisal rope, they have a high cutting power and good ventilation and flexibility, recommended use for polishing flat or difficult to reach pieces thanks to its great flexibility. The impregnation treatment gives it a higher cutting power and a longer lifetime.

Discos de tela de algodón cosido total

Sewn cotton buffing wheels

Manufactured with several layers of cotton fabric joined and sewn closely together, they are more aggressive than conventional rag discs. They are used in machines at low speeds, indicated for polishing and brightening parts with pronounced shapes (ironwork, fittings, plumbing, etc), in all types of metals, wood, marble and natural stone.

Discos de tela de algodón ventilados

Ventilated buffing wheels

First quality cotton, flannel and sized fabric discs. Indicated for polishing and repolishing gloss/mirror of all types of surfaces. Available in different treatments. Soft, semi hard and very hard. Recommended for all types of metals, wood, marble and natural stone.

Discos mixtos de tela de algodón y sisal

Sisal/Cloth buffing wheels

Made of sisal and sewn cotton with interspersed layers. The cotton fabric in combination with the sisal polishes and shines in the same operation.  The cotton fabric in combination with the sisal polishes and shines in the same operation, great flexibility, adapting perfectly to any shape of pieces from flat to tubular. Recommended for all types of metals.

Discos especiales

Made to order buffing wheels

Made to order we can manufacture discs with specific shapes, hardness and treatments, adapted to the needs of the finishing, optimizing each product to the material or surface to be treated to always obtain the best possible result.

Discos, muelas, y muelas con vástago de fieltro

Felt wheels

Wheels, wheels with shank and flap discs are used for fine polishing and mirror polishing on all types of surfaces and in all types of applications. Depending on design or application, for use on angle grinders, straight grinders and drills, fixed polishers.
Together with our polishing compounds bars and diamond polishing compounds, brilliant finishes are achieved.

Muelas de caucho

Rubber bonded wheels

Rubber bonded wheels with shank and grinding wheels are made of PUR bonded material, homogeneously mixed with the abrasive grain SiC. Their open and elastic structure allows them to adapt to the profiles and achieve a smooth and fine grinding. Some of their applications are the refining of large surfaces, decorative finishes on stainless steel, reworking of welding seams on stainless steel sheets, grinding of faulty spots in the manufacture of sinks, achieving optical effects on parts in the food sector and matching nuances in the manufacture of railings. They are suitable for machining large and medium surfaces.

Pastas sólidas de pulir

Buffing compound bars

The buffing compound bars are used together with the cotton, sisal and felt wheels for polishing, repolishing and brightening all kinds of materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, marble, zamak, aluminium, marble, precious metals, methacrylate, plastic etc. to remove small scratches and oxidation, marks etc.

Diamond lapping compunds

Diamond compound syringes

They are composed of synthetic diamond powder mixed with a paste. To use this compound, it must be diluted with water or alcohol, normally used in conjunction with felt wheels for superfinishing moulds and precision finishes, electronic components, semiconductors, magnetic heads, hard disks and optical disks.